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Actress Jena Malone reveals that she was sexually abused during The Hunger Games

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“This photo was taken just after the second part of Mockingjay finished and I had to say goodbye to everyone on set. We were shooting on a beautiful farm in the countryside of France and I asked the driver to let me out into this field so I can cry and capture this moment,” Malone shared. Although this time in Paris was extremely difficult for me, I was going through a bad break up and was also sexually assaulted by someone I had worked withI was so filled with gratitude for this project, the people I became close to, and this amazing role.”

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Malone continued: “A swirling mix of emotions that I’m only now learning to sort through. I wish it wasn’t related to such a traumatic event for me, but I guess that’s the real debauchery of life. How to sustain chaos with beauty. I have worked very hard to heal and learn through restorative justice how to make peace with the person who raped me and make peace with myself.”.

The Stepmom actress added: “It’s been hard talking about the Hunger Games and Johanna Mason. [su personaje] not feeling the sharpness of this moment, but I’m ready to move on and recapture the joy and accomplishment I felt. Much love to you survivors. The process is very slow and non-linear. I mean I’m here for anyone who needs to talk or vent or open up incommunicado spaces within themselves. DM me if you need a safe space to be heard.”

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