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Matthew McConaughey: After horror flight: That’s how Mrs. Camila is doing

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Camila Alves McConaughey has had a turbulent flight. On Instagram, Matthew McConaughey’s wife reveals how she’s doing.

Camila Alves McConaughey (41) looks back on difficult hours: During her flight from Austin to Frankfurt there was turbulence and an emergency landing. The wife of actor Matthew McConaughey (53) describes her experiences on Instagram.

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“After two full days of travel” she arrived at her destination “with gratitude”, reads the caption to . At midnight, as she eats her first meal of the day, she prays in gratitude. She thinks “of everyone who was on this flight”. In particular to “the seven passengers who had to be hospitalized and to the entire crew who brought us safely to the landing”. The day was “very eventful”.

Was Matthew McConaughey on board too?

Alves McConaughey explained what happened in another post. The plane “fell nearly 4,000 feet, seven people were hospitalized, everything was flying everywhere,” she wrote. There was “chaos” on board the machine, but “thank God everyone was safe and ok”. Finally, the plane was diverted to land in Washington, where Alves McConaughey spent the evening and night.

Apparently, her husband Matthew McConaughey was keeping her company. “@officiallymcconaughey and I made it to the bar a minute before closing,” wrote Alves McConaughey. His wife did not reveal whether the actor was also on the Lufthansa flight from Austin to Frankfurt or whether he happened to be in Washington. It is also unclear whether he continued to accompany her to Germany the following day.

Source: Stern

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