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Chano Moreno Charpentier reappeared on social networks and confirmed two shows next week

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“Hello friends and friends. I hope you are well and happy”, The post that the musician uploaded to his social networks begins. In it, Chano expressed “I want to tell you that I am fully recovered thanks to the Otamendi sanatorium and ready to continue enjoying life”.

Besides, He denied rumors and reported that he continues “to do my treatment at UDIGENS to the letter”. Finally, he indicated to his fans that he is with “I really want to see you on Friday and Saturday in La Plata”thus confirming their next shows.


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Marina Charpentierthe mother of the musician, He published an emotional post on his social networks last Saturday. It was hours after transcended that the singer woke up of his hospitalization.

LThe mother of the former leader of Tan Biónica shared an old photo on her Instagram account in which Chano is seen with his younger brother, Gonzalo “Bambi” Moreno Charpentier. Marina Charpentier musicalized the Instagram story with the photo with a part of “Music”, a song by Tan Biónica: “Music, while we fall there is music. Even if it’s all wrong out there. I am the speaker of my city.”

After a week in intensive therapy, the musician Chano Moreno Charpentier woke up The last friday. The singer was admitted to the Otamendi Sanatorium urgently and remained intubated and with antibiotics by a infection and a possible Poor intake of your medications.

Source: Ambito

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