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“Creed III”: Rocky’s saga for the first time without Rocky

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Michael B. Jordan has to compete against childhood friend Damian.
Image: Warner Bros.
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A successful spin-off was launched in 2016 with “Creed”. In it, former boxing champion Adonis, son of his late friend Apollo Creed, trained. Now “Creed III” is in the cinemas – and for the first time Rocky himself is not there.

Predictable but entertaining

Adonis Creed (Michael B. Jordan), now a trainer and promoter himself, now has to deal with his youth: Back then, his friend Damian (Jonathan Majors) was considered the next boxing hope. But after an incident that also involved Adonis as a teenager, Damian had to go to prison. After 18 years behind bars, he’s itching to make it as a boxer and pushing for a title fight against Felix Chavez, the star of Adonis’ team. He agrees, but has to realize that Damian doesn’t fight cleanly in the ring and in life. It breaks. That can only be clarified in the ring…

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Michael B. Jordan also directed for the first time. Although he staged the boxing drama in a conventional and predictable way, it was also entertaining and sometimes even exciting. Creed III isn’t a cinema gem, but it’s another entertaining installment in the franchise. It’s hard to admit, but the “Rocky” saga works without Rocky.

“Creed III”USA 2023, D: Michael B. Jordan, 117 min.

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