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Andrea Berg on marriage to Ulrich Ferber: “Too good to be true”

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Pop singer Andrea Berg has been with her husband Ulrich Ferber for 20 years. Now Berg tells what makes their love strong.

The German pop singer Andrea Berg (57) has been with her current husband Ulrich Ferber (63) for around 20 years. In a recent interview, both reveal how much they still love each other.

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Berg moved from Krefeld to Swabia after about eight months. She fascinated him because even though she was a star, she was “very down to earth and approachable”. In conversation, he admits: “I didn’t want to marry anymore until I met Andrea.”

Love instead of rose-colored glasses

The wedding followed in 2007, and last summer the two celebrated their 15th anniversary. a current picture and one from the celebration at that time. “I would do it again,” she wrote.

“The initial love became a team,” the singer now explains. “We no longer walk around with little hearts in our eyes.” The two, on the other hand, have much more in common: “We grew together, experienced a lot of beautiful things together and mastered crises.” And there is also “so much that I would like to experience with Uli”.

Just recently had made a declaration of love. “What a feeling, too good to be true,” she said of shared pictures in which the two look at each other in love. “We met for the first time 20 years ago, since then you’ve been my rock in the surf…” Oh – love can be so beautiful.

Source: Stern

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