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Monday, March 27, 2023

Ulises Bueno came up to greet the audience, they took him off the stage and stole everything

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In a bowling alley in the Buenos Aires town of Jose C. Paz An unusual episode occurred, when they threw the stage to ulysses good and their belongings were stolen.

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The unusual episode occurred on weekendbut the images went viral in the following hours, where the singer is seen surrounded by a crowd.

It all happened when the quartet greeted the public at the edge of the stage in the middle of a song and someone pulled his arm and made him fall to the floor, where there were hundreds of young people singing and dancing to the rhythm of his music.

It was possible to appreciate the moment of discomfort that the brother of Rodrigo Buenowho first complains about the situation and then despairs to return to the stage and continue singing.

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“Stop crazy stop!… Calm down guys”, the singer is heard saying, who stopped the song he was singing, but continued to hold the microphone, despite being surrounded by a crowd that had different intentions. Some greeted him, others pushed him and it was even known that there were those who came to steal some of his belongings.

As it became known later, they took away the cap he was wearing, headphones and a chain he was wearing around his neck. They also wanted to remove the microphone from her, but thanks to the help of her team, she managed to keep it.

Source: Ambito

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