Cell phones: how to make the battery last longer?

Cell phones: how to make the battery last longer?
Cell phones: how to make the battery last longer?

Extending the useful life of cell phones is not very difficult if you follow some tips. Know what they are and how to take care of your smartphone.

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One of the most important parts of the cell phones is his battery: from the duration in the day, through its charging speed to its useful life over time. On average, a phone has a useful life of between 500 and 700 charge cycles. If not taken care of and maintained, it can last for 400-500 cycles, which is about 2 years.

If some practiceseach charge will last longer and can be stretch the end of its life cycle.


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Cell phones: how to take care of the battery?

Don’t let the charge go to 0

Do not let it empty completely, but keep it between the 20% and 80% throughout the day. The device will be affected if it goes from 1% to 100% frequently, and it will take a part of the battery life.

Use original cables

One of the worst and most dangerous things that can be done is to use cheap or incompatible cables with the phone. It is better to always use the factory accessories that each device comes with.



Don’t use it while charging

If this is not possible, what you should not do is use applications that require a lot of processingsuch as games or heavy applications.

Don’t keep it plugged in

Having the charge at 100% all the time is not good for the life cycle of the device. This is the problem of leaving the phone charging all night, since it reaches 100% and remains plugged in for several hours.


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Load it in Airplane Mode

Put the phone in Airplane Mode speed up the loadsince it does not use hardware resources to search for networks and notifications.

Plug it in without the cover

Charging the phone without the case prevents further dissipation heat inside the batterywhich prevents the chances of long-term damage.

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