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Monogamy: users increase in dating apps for married people

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A global platform produced its annual customer statistics report. Know the results of 2022.

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The not monogamy scale new levels. A dating site for married people released its annual membership report for the year 2022 and officially announces that it has reached the 80 million membersproving that non-monogamy is not a irrelevant wish.

Ashley Madison’s parent company, Ruby Life Inc, makes its annual customer statistics report to provide information and clarity about the growing global community of the site. The report revealed more than 4.4 million new records of men and women in 2022, which represents an average of more than 12,200 new members per day.

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“The specific reasons why millions of people have joined our site vary wildly, but what those people ultimately have in common is a aversion towards traditional monogamy“, said Christopher KraemerLatam Executive Director of Ashley Madison.

“Our online community has not stopped growing in the last 21 years, so we have always been very clear where the modern relations. Now these less conventional relationship structures are breaking into the mainstream. traditional and the way we show romantic love is rapidly evolving,” he added.

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Dating site for married people: what were the figures 2022?

  • 4,463,335 new accounts registered at AshleyMadison.com.
  • 371,945 new accounts registered monthly.
  • Globally, the ratio of active female accounts to active male payment accounts was 1:0,6.
  • The month with the most records was August.

This report focused on a subset of registered accounts as an indicator of activity. The ratio is based on active accounts registered in 2022 and excludes activity from accounts registered in prior years.


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Dating app: registrations by country for 2022

Find out the monthly average of male and female account registrations:

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Ashley Madison

Ratio of active paying male customer accounts and active female customers by country in 2022

List of accounts of active paying male clients and active female clients:

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Ashley Madison

Source: Ambito

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