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Another controversy at the Oscars: Michelle Yeoh targeted Cate Blanchett

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In the last hours of the vote, the actress made an impressive post. Users on social networks wonder if she broke the rules of delivery.

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A few days after it is done a new delivery of the Oscars, a new controversy hit the famous award. An actress published on her social networks an accusation against another nominee and fans think it was against the rules of the ceremony.

This Tuesdayduring the last hours in which the members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences they could vote for the award ceremony on Sunday, the nominee for best actress Michelle Yeoh made an impressive post on his Instagram account. the protagonist of Everything Everywhere at the Same Time uploaded clippings of a vogue article titled “It’s been more than two decades since a non-white or non-white woman won best actress. Will it change in 2023?”

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tar.  Cate Blanchett as a notorious lesbian conductor embroiled in an abuse scandal.

tar. Cate Blanchett as a notorious lesbian conductor embroiled in an abuse scandal.

The controversial thing about this post was that the article directly referenced the actress and another of her fellow nominees: Cate Blanchett for Tár. “Detractors would say that Blanchett’s performance is the strongest (the actress is unquestionably amazing as Lydia Tár) but it should be noted that he has already won two Oscars (as best supporting actress for The Aviator and best actress for Blue Jasmine). A third party would confirm her place as an industry titan but, considering her extensive and unrivaled resume, Is another confirmation needed?”expresses the Vogue note on Blanchett.

In the same sense, the excerpts shared by Yeoh express about her: “For his part, for Yeoh, an Oscar would change his life: her name would forever be preceded by ‘Academy Award Winner’ and could get more big roles, after a decade of being criminally disabled by Hollywood”. Yeoh deleted the Instagram post shortly after uploading it.


Even though deleting the post defused a crisis that could have escalated even more, some users on social networks wanted to go for the protagonist of Everything Everywhere at the Same Time. They remarked that the publication could transgress the norm of the Academy that prohibits nominees from mentioning others in pursuit of campaigning by themselves.

Anyway, yeah If this were the case, it is not expected that the Academy would take action on the matter. Just a few weeks ago, the organization decided not to allow a similar allegation about nominee Andrea Riseborough.

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