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Cara Delevingne on her addiction: “A lot of people were very concerned”

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In an interview, Cara Delevingne talks about the worrying pictures of herself from the past year. Fans and friends were worried about the model at the time – until Delevingne sought help.

They were shocking images that worried Cara Delevingne’s fans as well as her friends and family. In September, paparazzi shots showed the Brit visibly confused and upset, shoeless, at a Los Angeles airport. Today Cara Delevingne says: The pictures would have made an impact on her.

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Cara Delevingne opens up about disturbing paparazzi footage

“I hadn’t slept. I wasn’t feeling well,” she now explains in “Vogue”. “It’s heartbreaking because I thought I was having fun, but at some point it was like, ‘Okay, I don’t look good.’ You know sometimes you need a reality check so in a way these pictures were something to be thankful for,” the model said.

“At that point, a lot of people were very concerned, understandably,” she says in a video that Vogue published on her channel. “But I wasn’t really worried. But that’s the nature of the disease. That’s what addiction is,” Delevingne explains.

Celebrations and a festival

In August last year she celebrated her 30th birthday with friends in Ibiza. According to her own statements, she was on the island for three weeks, including parties and alcohol. Delevingne then attended the Burning Man Festival in the United States. In between she would have worked – in the end too much of a good thing. “When I take drugs, I feel like I’m invincible,” she told Vogue. “I put myself at risk in those moments because I’m not taking care of my life,” said Delevingne, who doesn’t clearly identify what drugs besides alcohol she was addicted to.

“I just knew if I carry on like this, I’ll either be dead or I’ll do something very, very stupid. That was scary. … The treatment was the best. It was always something I was very scared of, but I think I needed this community. I needed this support group,” she explains in the “Vogue” video.

Today she knows that there is no quick help for addiction. As much as she would have liked that. “It doesn’t happen overnight,” she says.


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