Oscars: Nominees Receive $126,000 in “Consolation Prizes” (Video)

Oscars: Nominees Receive $126,000 in “Consolation Prizes” (Video)

A look inside the Oscar gift bag – “consolation prizes” worth $ 126,000.

STORY: I can hardly speak of a consolation prize here. For more than twenty years, Oscar nominees in the acting and directing categories have received an exuberant gift basket – whether they have won their category or not. The product selection can certainly be described as adapted to Hollywood: from a sophisticated three-night stay with friends on Ischia, to vouchers for liposuction, botox and hair transplants to high-quality care products – these are just a few of the items nominated in will find in their gift bags. “We call it ‘Everyone wins’. This year it’s 26 people. We’ve got about five dozen gifts in the bag. Well, actually they’re suitcases, we deliver them in trolley cases. And it’s just a nice balance when You will. Most of these people won’t go home Sunday as winners. But even if they don’t win, they’ll get $126,000 worth of consolation prizes.” Not everything in the gift bag is material. A certificate for a piece of Australia is intended to help protect the country’s bush landscapes and forests, and a PETA travel pillow is campaigning for primate rights. The gift basket is not organized by the Academy, but by an independent company. The “gift cases” should be delivered before the Oscars on Sunday.

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