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Elegant and fashionable: chic for a wedding as a guest: these outfits are suitable

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After some wedding celebrations had to be canceled during the corona pandemic, larger events can gradually be planned again. Here we reveal how you can dress up as a guest at the wedding.

During the corona pandemic, some wedding celebrations had to be canceled or postponed. Gradually, future couples are allowed to plan smaller celebrations and invite guests. But how do you dress up at the wedding as a guest? Here are some suggestions for outfits that are elegant and fashionable and can also be worthwhile for other occasions.

Dress for women for wedding


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A wedding guest outfit is of course suitable for women elegant dress: It immediately looks smart and well dressed. Midi dresses in particular look festive if they have a classic cut and few extras such as sequins or flounces. But be careful: Of course, it should not be the color of the wedding dress (usually white, cream or ivory). If there is no dress code and you still have no idea what to wear, you can also check out the bridesmaid dress trends. In addition to midi dresses, festive cocktail dresses that are not too colorful or voluminous are always a good choice.

And: Your dress should not be black either. It should also not be too glamorous or bulky so that the bride is still the center of attention. Instead of extravagance, a casual, simple elegance is the order of the day; choose small highlights instead of too many accessories and jewellery. A great alternative to a dress is a skirt-top combo in light colors, which looks fresh and casual, especially at a summer wedding.

Jumpsuit or pant suit

pant suit new

Another suitable wedding guest outfit for women are jumpsuits or a pant suit. It is important that this look does not appear too business-heavy, as if you were about to go to the office. A trouser suit with a loose cut, a light top or an airy blouse underneath, sandals or pumps and you can go to the wedding as a chic guest. If you want to be fashionable, you can also use the trend colors as a guide.

Elegant jumpsuits are also suitable as an outfit for a wedding. You should make sure that the look is not too colorful and that there are not too wild prints on the trend part. Pumps or sandals also go well with a jumpsuit, and mules can also be combined with a chic outfit. A small bag and some jewelery complete the wedding guest outfit.

Wedding guest outfit for men

Men’s suit

As a man, you can of course go to the wedding as a guest in a suit. It doesn’t have to be the classic in dark blue, with black dress shoes, a stiff white shirt and tie. It can be a little looser – and still chic: a jacket or blazer (which should of course fit well) made of linen in a light color, with a loose shirt, dark suit trousers and optionally smart, clean sneakers or lace-ups are also a chic wedding guest outfit that doesn’t look too stiff and forced, but elegant and is fashionable.

Dress code at a wedding: you should pay attention to this

Of course, these outfit ideas for wedding guests are only suitable if there is no clear dress code to follow. If there is one, this naturally also applies to your wedding guest outfit. The following applies here: If the invitation states that guests should dress “casually”, you are quite free in your choice of outfit. The dress code “Black Tie” is an official festive occasion after 6 p.m. You should dress stylishly and elegantly and instead of going for a casual-chic look, wear an evening dress and a tuxedo. Otherwise, focus on the bride and groom and the location to find a suitable look.

More tips on wedding guest outfits

  • The rule for men is: only take off the jacket when the groom has also taken off his.
  • Women should make sure that at a church wedding in the church they have their shoulders covered and do not wear too much neckline.
  • Couples should coordinate their looks to look harmonious.

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