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Beauty tip: switch to natural deodorant – this is how it works

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Less toxin on the skin: Armpit Detox is said to help make the switch to a natural deodorant easier. That’s behind it.

Less toxin on the skin: Ever heard of Armpit Detox? This beauty trend is popping up on TikTok and other social platforms right now. , which they smeared with a purifying mask. But what does this detox cure bring?

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Switch to a natural deodorant

The idea behind the trend is that the skin under the arms is heavily contaminated with pollutants and other impurities from the use of conventional deodorant. Those who want to switch from a strong antiperspirant to a natural deodorant without aluminum salts, parabens and synthetic fragrances can support the body with a detoxification regimen, say supporters of the armpit detox trend. This ensures that the skin gets used to it more quickly and the sweat glands are freed from pollutants.

Armpit masks with natural ingredients

Armpit detox fans recommend a combination of natural ingredients such as clay or healing earth, activated charcoal, coconut oil, apple cider vinegar or tea tree oil for the mask under the arms. Detoxified armpits therefore smell less unpleasant and are less prone to skin irritation. However, there is no scientific evidence that an armpit detox is actually effective.

The skin can protect itself

Typically, the skin under the arms is able to cleanse and protect itself by producing perspiration, which fights off bacteria and pollutants. However, if this natural balance has been upset by long-term use of a strong antiperspirant, when switching to a natural deodorant the body may initially produce a strong and potentially unpleasant odor.

Imitate Armpit Detox at home

If you want to follow the TikTok trend at home and give your armpits a little detox, you don’t need much. Simply mix some clay or healing earth with some apple cider vinegar and a few splashes of water. Then apply this mask on the right and left under the arms, let it dry and finally rinse off with water. If necessary, this procedure can be repeated several times a week.

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