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Tom Schilling: He doesn’t invest his fees profitably

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Tom Schilling has been critical of money as a form of appreciation. He considers it “nonsensical” to invest fees profitably.

Tom Schilling (41) spoke openly and honestly about a topic that many people prefer to keep silent about: money. In the “Tatort” star recently explained that he deliberately does not invest his fees profitably: “I find it absurd to increase money. What is increased with me must be missing somewhere else.”

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Schilling is convinced that “growth does not come from nothing”, “something has to die first”. Not doing anything with his money is “probably not wiser” either, but that’s how he handles it.

Good pay “doesn’t matter to me today”

He also views appreciation in the form of money critically. “If years ago I was paid well for a film, it doesn’t matter to me now,” he said. He associates something else with success and referred to a special situation that he had experienced and still “feels in me”: “In my house there is an elderly lady who likes to have a drink with a friend. Sometimes, unfortunately, too a lot; and then she’s lying there and can’t get up. I found out where she lives – which wasn’t easy – and got her home safely. That was a real achievement for me.”

Source: Stern

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