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Shock call: Former mayor Scherf almost a victim of trick fraud

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He was already in the bank and wanted to withdraw a huge sum. Former mayor Henning Scherf has been taken in by clever tricksters to a certain extent.

Bremen’s former mayor Henning Scherf (84) almost fell victim to a scam. A caller who posed as his ex-daughter-in-law claimed on Thursday that his son had caused a fatal traffic accident and committed a hit-and-run, Scherf told dpa on Friday. The “Weser-Kurier” had previously reported about it.

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The woman said that in order to get his son out of custody, he had to hand over 95,000 euros in cash within an hour. “It never occurred to me that this was a scam,” said Scherf. “It was quite plausible what she said.” He also spoke to a second woman. “She questioned me like a detective.”

He felt in a “mental pressure situation” and went to the bank. Two employees there warned him that he might have been the victim of a shock phone call. The alerted criminal police confirmed this. He made the incident public because he wanted to warn other people about such tricksters. He has meanwhile thanked the bank employees with flowers. “I let the shock go so deep into me that I only got out of there with the help of the two,” he said.

Source: Stern

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