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Renata Lusin – talking about the miscarriage helps her through nightmares

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Professional dancer Renata Lusin spoke openly about her miscarriage in an interview and emphasized: “It’s not a taboo subject.”

Renata Lusin (35) announced a few days ago that she had lost her baby. The “Let’s Dance” professional dancer is open about it for a reason. “It is very important for me to address this topic,” she says (March 12, 7:05 p.m., RTL).

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On the one hand, for herself, “because I know that’s how I free myself. I’ll be fine with that,” says the dancer. “I’ll have fewer nightmares, I know that. It will help me mentally deal with it and process it.” On the other hand, she wants to help other women by being open. “I say: This is not a taboo subject. I want women to know that they are not alone.”

“Try to stay strong”

A few weeks ago, Renata and her husband Valentin Lusin (36), also a “Let’s Dance” professional, confirmed that they were expecting a child. The dancer canceled her participation in the new season and colleague Malika Dzumaev (32) stepped in for her. The broadcaster wrote on Instagram on February 15 that the couple, who have been together for around 20 years and have been married since 2014, are expecting their first child together.

According to previous media reports, Renata Lusin RTL then confirmed: “Yes, unfortunately it’s true, the baby didn’t develop.” She can’t say how she feels at the moment: “I have to process the whole thing first, but I’m trying to stay strong.”

Valentin Lusin explained a little later that his wife was a tough woman. “She’s so strong – I admire that about her! I love her for how she always manages to look forward in difficult situations, to collect herself. How we manage to give each other a forward look and each other comfort in difficult situations.”

Source: Stern

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