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The comedian Tristán was admitted for bilateral pneumonia and is in serious condition

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Argentine actor and comedian Tristan86 years old, He is admitted to the intensive care unit of the Hospital Tránsito Cáceres de Allende in the city of Córdobaas reported by one of his sons, Mariano Diaz Ocampo.

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Tristán Antonio Díaz Ocampo -his real name- entered the place a few days ago due to bilateral pneumonia.

“At that time the doctor did not give us much hope, he had difficulty breathing and they had to put him on an artificial respirator. We were with my brothers in shock,” He told Infobae in dialogue with the son of the comedian, who has five decades of experience in film, theater and television.

“We are all united as a family so that my father can get ahead. From the day he was admitted to today he is improving little by little. I continue with my cabal of prayers, and I put some pictures on the mattress to hear him again. Although he is skinny and is tube fed,” he added.


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The problems of the artist born in the Buenos Aires town of Pergamino began in December 2019, when he suffered a hip fracture for which he had to undergo surgery. Since then, he has never been able to walk again.

In November 2020, the artist had been admitted to the San Roque hospital in Cordoba after contracting coronavirus. He was hospitalized there, although the picture did not have major complications.

Tristán has been living in Córdoba for a long time, where until a few days ago he was staying in a rehabilitation center, and received visits from all his children: Mariano, Federico, Victoria and Hernán Rado (son of the humorist’s heart).

Although in recent years he has devoted himself to theater and television, he has an extensive career in cinema; he worked alongside figures such as Alberto Olmedo, Jorge Porcel, Susana Giménez, Juan Carlos Altavista and Juan Carlos Calabró, among others.

Among his remembered films are “Night Waiter in Mar del Plata”, “The mines of Salomón Rey” and “Mingo and Aníbal in the haunted mansion”.

What is bilateral pneumonia

pneumonia or bilateral pneumonia, is a bacterial, viral, or fungal infection that affects both lungs. Affected people have fluid in their lungs and difficulty breathing.


It can affect people of all ages, and older people are at higher risk of contracting bilateral pneumonia. This disease can also affect people who use drugs or abuse alcohol.

Also, people whose immune systems are compromised are often at higher risk of developing pneumonia than healthy individuals. People whose bodies are weakened by a recent bout of flu or other lung infections can easily become ill.

Source: Ambito

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