Hugh Grant: Charming Oscar reunion with Andie MacDowell

Hugh Grant: Charming Oscar reunion with Andie MacDowell

Hugh Grant causes a stir at the Oscars: After a strange interview, the star compares himself to a “scrotum” on stage.

Hollywood star Hugh Grant (62) caused a few laughs on stage at the 95th Academy Awards last night when he compared himself to a “scrotum”. Grant took the stage alongside his former “Four Weddings and a Funeral” co-star Andie MacDowell, 64, to present the Oscar for Best Production Design. Grant began the sweet reunion on Hollywood’s biggest stage by saying, “We’re actually here to do two things. The first is to raise awareness of the vital importance of using a good moisturizer.”

Hugh Grant thinks he looks like a ‘scrotum’

Grant then explained to the visibly amused audience that MacDowell had “used one every day for 29 years” when he had never done so in his life. That’s why he “basically” looks “like a scrotum,” the star said of himself. Pointing to his former onscreen partner MacDowell, the 62-year-old announced: “Still stunning.”

Bizarre interview moment before the Oscar ceremony

On the champagne-colored carpet in front of the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles, Grant previously provided a strange interview moment, which sparked a lot of discussion on social networks. When asked by preshow host Ashley Graham (35) about his brief cameo appearance in the Oscar-nominated Netflix hit “Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery” by director Rian Johnson (49), : “I’m hardly in it – only for about three seconds.”

Grant, who seemed visibly annoyed, also answered other questions from Graham, such as his suit or his personal favorites for the Oscars, with just a few words and extremely monosyllabic answers. When he turned away after the interview, which lasted around a minute, the star rolled his eyes.

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