Film awards: Hugh Grant causes ridicule with Oscar interview

Film awards: Hugh Grant causes ridicule with Oscar interview

Apparently he gave up his charm in the cloakroom: actor Hugh Grant made an embarrassing to snotty interview appearance at the Oscars.

Actor Hugh Grant (62) caused irritation at the Oscars with sarcastic statements. When he presented an award together with Andie MacDowell (64), the Brit said his US colleague was “still gorgeous”, but he himself looked like a “scrotum”. They are on stage to “raise awareness of the vital importance of using a good moisturizer,” Grant said. “Andie has worn one every day for 29 years, I’ve never used one in my life.” Both had acted together in the 1994 film “Four Weddings and a Funeral”, which was nominated for two Oscars.

Grant had previously caused ridicule with emphatically distanced answers in an interview. Good-humored interviewer Ashley Graham asked who he was most looking forward to seeing. “No one in particular,” Grant replied. In that tone it went on. What is he wearing? “Just my suit.” How does it feel to have acted in the thriller “Glass Onion”? “I’m barely there. I’m there for about three seconds,” Grant said. Finally, Graham said he came anyway and was having fun. Answer Grant: “Almost.” The British broadcaster ITV called the conversation “probably the most embarrassing interview in the 95-year history” of the Oscars.

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