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Jenna Ortega: Her relationship fell apart because of her role in Wednesday

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Jenna Ortega made her breakthrough as an actress with the series “Wednesday”. But privately, this also meant setbacks for her, even her relationship failed because of it.

With the Netflix series “Wednesday”, actress Jenna Ortega became a celebrated star overnight. Wednesday’s dance at the Nevermore Academy prom went viral, with tens of thousands of videos imitating him on Instagram and TikTok. Her style also became a trend among young people: lots of black, long braids, checkerboard checks. There are plenty of style tutorials online to look like Wednesday.

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But so far, actress Ortega has kept her private life well under wraps. Now she’s changed that, speaking intimate details with host Dax Shephard on the podcast “Armchair Expert.” So she also chatted about her past relationship, which she led “for several years”.

As a reason for the separation, the 20-year-old stated that from a certain point it became “too hectic”. “It had nothing to do with him, I just couldn’t cope anymore,” quotes the magazine “Elle” from the podcast. In previous interviews, Ortega already said that her shooting days were sometimes 12 to 14 hours long. That would be a crucial test for any relationship. However, she does not mention the name of her ex-partner.

Jenna Ortega prefers to be single: “The thought of relationships stresses me out”

But there will probably not be a new partner at her side in the near future. That’s also because of her work: “If there’s one thing I’ll focus on – and that’s probably something I have to change – then it’s my work,” Elle continues.

Currently it is simply “not fair” to enter into a relationship. Jenna Ortega is too busy, she needs too much time for her projects and commitments. There’s just no time for a relationship.

“The thought of relationships stresses me out,” she said. “I’m not ready to be that vulnerable or trust anyone yet.”

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