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Megan Fox with a new husband and without an engagement ring at the Oscar party

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With a new hair color, Megan Fox clearly had fun at a party. She had even taken off her engagement ring for this – and was looking for the company of a new man at the event.

Are they separated or are they not? This question has been driving fans of Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly for a few weeks now.

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A scene from the Vanity Fair party at the Oscars is fueling speculation again. That’s where Megan Fox showed up with a new hair color. She now wears a bright red on her head. And there is also something different on her finger: Machine Gun Kelly’s engagement ring is missing, as the US site “Page Six” reports. And Kelly herself was not present at the event either.

Kelly designed the ring with the emerald and diamond herself and added a painful detail. There are thorns attached to the inside of the ring, which Fox supposedly doesn’t bother him in everyday life, but should make removing the ring very painful, if not bloody. But even that doesn’t seem to have stopped Fox from dropping it.

Megan Fox: With a new man at the Vanity Fair Oscar party

At the party, the 36-year-old “visibly had fun”, as “Page Six” quotes a secret observer. Accordingly, she “grooved to the music and sipped on a drink in an outdoor area”. She also sought out the company of another man ten years her junior: “She stayed close to ‘Black Adam’ actor Noah Centineo, as did her agent and three friends. She spent a lot of time hanging out with Centineo entertain”, the source claims to have observed.

In mid-February, several actions by Megan Fox led to rumors of separation: first she posted a cryptic quote on Instagram about infidelity, then she deleted her account.

It went back online a little later, but without some of the older Machine Gun Kelly images. In a post, she even denied the cheating rumors about Kelly. Nevertheless, the relationship between the two was at least ailing.

Page Six later reported that Fox and Kelly wanted to try couples therapy. “They talk to a couples therapist via Zoom every day,” a source told the site. “Megan believes they need to give therapy a try before making any lasting decisions.”

That probably didn’t work. At least that’s how many followers interpret Megan Fox’s appearance.

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