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After allegations of abuse: Linda de Mol’s ex-partner is sued

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After allegations of abuse in the context of the TV show “The Voice of Holland” official charges have now been brought against Jeroen Rietbergen.

New twist in the abuse scandal surrounding Linda de Mols (58) ex-partner Jeroen Rietbergen (51): The Dutch public prosecutor’s office has now officially filed charges against musicians who held power on the TV show “The Voice of Holland” (“TVOH”) abused as a bandleader and is said to have sexually harassed candidates.

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Rietbergen has been charged “in two of the investigations into the TV show ‘The Voice of Holland'”. Another “TVOH”-related investigation was discontinued “due to lack of evidence”.

The prosecutor’s office justified the indictment with the fact that the police had carried out “extensive investigations into possible sexual offenses by four people in the vicinity of the television program”. After that, it was decided “to prosecute two of them”.

Does the case go to court?

In addition to Rietbergen, other men were also accused at the time. But charges have only been brought against the 51-year-old and the 41-year-old musician Ali B (41).

It is currently unclear whether and when the case will go to court. According to the announcement, Rietbergen’s lawyers now have the opportunity to provide exculpatory evidence. “For this reason, no trial date has been announced for either criminal case.”

“Terrible nightmare” for Linda de Mol

The Dutch TV presenter Linda de Mol, who is popular in Germany, separated from Jeroen Rietbergen in early 2022 after the allegations of abuse became public. The two have been a couple since 2008. she explained last year that she knew nothing about it and was living in a “terrible nightmare”.

Source: Stern

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