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Cheating: Four risk factors that favor infidelity in the relationship

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Cheating is becoming more and more established in everyday life, and the possibilities have expanded over the past decade. Researchers are trying to get to the bottom of the causes of infidelity and have defined four risk factors.

Did he just turn to look at the pretty woman, or is she eyeing the muscular man at the next table? External attributes are often identified as a risk factor for the relationship, in short as a trigger point for cheating. But the real key is buried much deeper within ourselves. In two different studies, researchers were able to define the four greatest risks of infidelity.

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A Dutch study found that the number one reason for infidelity is relationship problems, and in many cases cheating comes after that. If someone is not happy in their relationship, the probability of an affair is greater than if it is exclusively an external stimulus of the moment. But what exactly is the basis of relationship dissatisfaction?

The reasons analyzed by two other studies published in the journal “Psychology Today”. Around 1,300 people who live in a partnership and are on average 33 years old were interviewed in the studies. The focus of the surveys was on the topic of infidelity and the reasons for an infidelity, from which the researchers filtered four core risk factors:

General dissatisfaction
Usually there is a conflict in the relationship behind this point, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Dissatisfaction with oneself can also lead to an infidelity. According to various studies, however, this is the main reason why people cheat in partnerships.

Accusations and different needs
When a relationship is locked in a pattern of accusations, self-esteem suffers. Formulations such as “You always do xy”, “You never do…” can make you feel pressured and look for a new sexual partner who desires you unconditionally and criticizes you less.

There is no secret formula that can completely prevent cheating

Loss of attention and care
If couples spend less time together, no longer really care about each other or even get bored with the time together, this can quickly lead to a new adventure outside of your own four walls.

sexual preferences
People often do not dare to speak out when they have sexual preferences or desires. The consequence of avoiding a confrontation in the partnership is often that you look for an affair.

In general, however, it is true that an infidelity is not always linked to an imbalance in the relationship, some people are simply looking for a new kick or indulge in their sexual desire. However, the four risk factors mentioned can increase the likelihood.


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Source: Stern

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