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Monday, March 27, 2023

Lindsay Lohan’s mother reveals pregnancy details

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Lindsay Lohan’s mom Dina has opened up about her daughter’s pregnancy and given a glimpse of how she’s feeling.

TV personality Dina Lohan (60) has spoken out about the pregnancy of her daughter Lindsay (36). “My oldest baby is having a baby. It’s so crazy, I’m so happy, I can’t stop smiling,” says the actress’ mother. “It’s amazing. We’re so excited. It’s such a beautiful thing for my child! And I love babies. Who doesn’t?” added Dina Lohan, who is about to become a grandmother for the second time. Her son has had a daughter since June 2021, according to People.

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According to Dina Lohan, her daughter has always wanted to be a mother. “Lindsay has always loved kids because I love kids and my mom loves kids; I’m one of four,” she explains. “We have a big family, so she’s always wanted children. And she’s so motherly. Her niece just runs up to her when she sees her.”

She raves about her son-in-law

The time for a child of their own is now perfect for Lindsay and her husband Bader Shammas. “She tried and then it happened, the little chopstick was positive. It’s the right time for her and Bader is an angel. Her husband is so sweet and they’re just really happy and ready,” says Dina Lohan. She cannot reveal the date of birth, otherwise she will get into trouble, but you can already see the pregnancy, she explains. She is also not allowed to reveal the gender of the baby, which she has already found out.

Lindsay Lohan and her husband live in Dubai, according to her mother. According to her own statement, Dina Lohan is in constant contact with her daughter. “She regularly asks me: ‘Mom, what does that mean? I feel like this. What is that?'” Group chats with all of her children are also exchanged several times a day. When the birth is due, she wants to “definitely stand by her daughter. I’ll be there.”

Michael Lohan (62), Lindsay’s father and ex-husband of Dina Lohan, commented on his daughter, with whom he has had a good relationship for years. He also assumes that the birth will take place in Dubai and that he will probably not be able to be there in that case. But he is looking forward to meeting his grandchild shortly thereafter. Michael Lohan also already knows if it will be a boy or a girl, but will not reveal it. All that matters is that the newborn is healthy.

Lindsay Lohan announced a few days ago that she is pregnant. “We are blessed and excited,” she captioned a picture of a white baby bodysuit with “Coming soon” printed in black lettering. She also tagged Bader Shammas in the post. A spokesman for the couple confirmed to US magazine “People” that the actress and her partner got married last July.

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