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Big Brother: the role of Wanda Nara and the Masterchef juries inside the house

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The future host of the cooking reality show along with Damián Betular, Donato de Santis and Germán Martitegui were part of a challenge that did not turn out as expected.


Big Brother lived a special night, on Thursday night they entered the house Wanda Nara, Damián Betular, Donato de Santis and Germán Martitegui to cook with the four finalists and promote master chefa program that will begin next Monday on the Telefe screen.

“It’s a program that I love, that I hosted for so long, it’s a big family, and now Wanda Nara -who is the host- is going to ask them to cook something,” he explained. Santiago del Moro. The four participants moved to the SUM of the house where the cooking stage was set up.

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“They have a 10-minute challenge where they are going to have to make an omelette,” explained Nara, along with Betular, Martitegui and Donato. “Well, guys, you have to set the pace,” Martitegui asked after half the available time had passed. At that time there began to be problems with the burners. “Guys, there is a burning smell,” Wanda warned.. The participants and the Masterchef team had to leave the SUM and enter the house because they could not make the kitchens work. Once in the reality kitchen, Julieta won the challenge and there were prizes for everyone.

Wanda Nara brought her cosmetics as a prize, Donato left some pizzas, Betular brought sweet things and Martitegui left them an invitation to go to his restaurant. After the express visit, Wanda and the team left through the front door. “Sure, we’re going through the front door,” the brand new driver yelled and wished them good luck.

In the midst of great expectations for the rating, and while Telefe continues to be the most watched channel on Argentine television, masterchef starts Monday at 21:30. Meanwhile, on Sunday one participant will leave the Big Brother house, while the other two will accompany Marcos in the final that will be broadcast on Monday, March 27. Nacho, Romina and Julieta are on the list of nominees and the public will decide what the future of each one of them is.

Source: Ambito

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