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Prominent Hollywood actress lost “half her money” in the financial crisis

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The star received an award for her donations to the Women’s Cancer Research Fund: “I just lost half my money and that doesn’t mean I’m not here.”

Important Hollywood actress lost “half of her money” due to the financial crisis

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The financial crisis in the United States does not stop, after Silicon Valley Bank (SBV) collapseand they start to appear stories of big losses because of the banking situation. One of the victims is a Hollywood star who declared he had lost “half his money”.

This is Sharon Stonewho revealed the bad news during a speech at el Women’s Cancer Research Fund (WCRF). To the win the “Courage Award” at the fundraiser, the actress broke and remarked that this “courage” was what was necessary to donate at the same time that he lost part of his savings.

“I just lost half my money with all this bank stuff and that doesn’t mean I’m not here“Stone expressed during his speech. So far it is unknown if his losses were due to the bankruptcy of SBV or through other financial entities.

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In the last moment, Stone was affected by the death of her younger brother as a result of heart disease. The actress referred to this at the same event and dedicated: “My brother just died and that’s not why I didn’t come. It’s not an easy time for anyone It’s a very difficult time for everyone.”

“But I’m going to tell you one thing, I’m not going to let any politician tell me what I can or can’t do.How can I or can’t I live? what is or is not the value of my life”added and sentenced: “So stand up and say what you’re worth. I challenge them. That’s what courage is.”

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