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Actor: “The Wire” star Lance Reddick died at the age of 60

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Lance Reddick is best known for his role as a police officer on drama series The Wire. From the end of March he can be seen in a new movie. But he died at the age of 60.

US actor and “The Wire” police officer Lance Reddick is dead. According to his management, he died on Friday at the age of 60, as several US media reported unanimously. An exact cause of the sudden death was not initially given. Reddick began his acting career in the 90s with appearances on the show “The West Wing”.

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However, he received worldwide attention with a role as a police officer in his native city of Baltimore (Maryland): As Lieutenant Cedric Daniels in the groundbreaking drama series “The Wire”, Reddick led an investigation unit in the field of organized crime from 2002. In this role, Reddick showed his strong acting presence with a character that was inherently reserved, strictly professional, and a little demure.

Reddick has appeared in many well-known TV series and films – most recently “Godzilla vs. Kong” or the shows “Bosch”, “Lost” and “Fringe”. He shot until shortly before his death: In the coming days, the action film “John Wick: Chapter 4” is scheduled to start in Germany, in which Reddick plays the role of “Charon”, a concierge in a New York hotel.

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