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Spring decoration 2023: These living trends beautify your home

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When the days get longer again, the winter decorations are cleared away and replaced with spring-like accessories. Which living trends and colors are popular this year? We’ll tell you.

With the rising temperatures, the first early bloomers stick their heads out of the ground, such as snowdrops and crocuses, tulips and daffodils. They are considered harbingers of spring. Their colorful blaze of color not only embellishes every living room, but is also reflected in many decorative elements – this is also the case in 2023: dried flowers, natural materials, floral patterns and delicate pastel tones (especially pink and mint) are among the must-haves this year decorative interior. Below you will find the right inspiration for your new spring decoration.

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1. Dried flowers

Flowers provide more color in the dreary four walls. However, fresh arrangements are perishable and must be replaced regularly. and On the other hand, they have the advantage that they do not wither – and can be used every year. Beautiful branches such as eucalyptus, pampas grass, tartar veils or flax are ideal as spring decorations for 2023.

2. Floral patterns

In keeping with spring, floral patterns are back in fashion in 2023: Whether on flower pots or – this year all motifs from the Garden Kingdom are represented. In addition to classic flower motifs, grass and leaves have also found their way into the decorative world and adorn popular accessories as well as small ones and ornamental .

3. Natural materials

If or , or : Natural materials such as rattan, raffia and wood are also popular this spring. They look particularly good indoors, but they also look good outdoors – such as on a terrace or balcony. In combination with flowers or candles you give the decoration the finishing touch.

4. Delicate pastel tones

Whether pink or mint green, beige or yellow: this spring, too, soft pastel tones are among the must-haves of a decorative interior. It doesn’t matter if you prefer or , or use as a decorative accessory in your home. Anything you like is allowed – and can be considered spring decorations for 2023.

5. Fresh herbs

How could you breathe more life into a room than with fresh herbs, which not only look beautiful, but also have a practical use: Whether or , or – the green plants are decorative and tasty at the same time. They look good in the kitchen when used for cooking, but can also set highlights in other rooms.

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