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Italian actor: Terence Hill: Ready for new western

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You know him from spaghetti westerns alongside Bud Spencer. And even at the age of 83, Terence Hill still wants to be in front of the camera. Filming could start soon if he had his way.

Italian actor Terence Hill has hinted that he wants to do another western. The “Bild” said the 83-year-old: “I promised my fans that I still have a few cartridges in the Colt. I’m ready for a new sunrise in the Wild West.”

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Speaking to Italian weekly 7, Hill added: “I didn’t want to do another western. I thought it was pointless, I’d done everything and couldn’t do better. But then I found a book with the true story of an Italian nun , who emigrated to America from the Ligurian hinterland with her peasant and very poor family at the end of the 19th century. From Cincinnati she decided to go west alone.”

Hill also hinted at a return of his film character Trinità from The Devil’s Right Hand and Left Hand (1970). “The film begins like this: You see Trinità on his famous “palanquin” and then you see her, the nun, surrounded by three menacing cowboys. He realizes that she is in danger and saves her from the three. Here begins the story that titled “Trinity the Nun and the Gun.” He hopes to start filming in the summer, Hill added. The actor is best known for spaghetti westerns, which he shot with Bud Spencer (1929-2016).

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