A 9-hour version of Avatar 3 could become a miniseries

A 9-hour version of Avatar 3 could become a miniseries

James Cameron is working on the special effects for this extended version.

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Director James Cameron is working on a 9 hour montage of avatar 3 could be made into a miniseries Disney+.

The specialized critic jeff sneider first revealed on his podcast, The Hot Micthat Cameron had a cut of nine hours of avatar 3 in December. Now, he revealed in a new episode of the podcast what Cameron plans to do with him.

“Months ago, I posted a rumor that James Cameron had a nine-hour version of Avatar 3 that he wanted to finish the visual effects for,” Sneider. “A lot of people were like, ‘Why would the studio pay for that? Why would he insist on doing visual effects if he’s going to cut the film later?’ The idea is for Cameron to do all the visual effects for his nine-hour version of Avatar 3 and then release it on Disney+ as a limited series after the movie version is released.”. Sneider, however, warned that the plan could change.

The third Avatar movie was shot simultaneously with Avatar 2: the path of waterwhich opened in December to critical acclaim. avatar 3For its part, it will hit theaters in December 2024.

Two sequels will follow, releasing in 2026 and 2028 respectively. In December, Cameron revealed that he filmed scenes for the franchise’s third and fourth movies ahead of time to avoid any aging issues a la stranger things with the younger members of the cast.

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