Who went to the party for the 60th birthday of Fito Paéz

Who went to the party for the 60th birthday of Fito Paéz
Who went to the party for the 60th birthday of Fito Paéz

Eugenia Kolodziej, the musician’s partner, organized a secret celebration for the artist that was attended by more than 200 people.

Saturday night Eugenia Kolodzie organized a surprise celebration in a bar in the Palermo neighborhood for his partner, fito paez who turned 60 last Wednesday.

Fito, how could it be otherwise, while a large part of the 200 guests were already waiting for him at the venue, he arrived at the celebration in a convertible car driven by Andy Chango and was surprised with the celebration that they had prepared for him.

His son Martín was with Cecilia Roth and her father, Abrasha Rotenberg, as well as Margarita, his daughter from his relationship with Romina Richi.

Great friends of the interpreter like Ricado Darín and Florencia Bas, Gastón Pauls, Nicolás Pauls, Julieta Cardinali, Dolores Fonzi, Leonora Balcarce, Daniel Barone, Rubén Rada, Juanse, Cata Spinetta, Sofia Gala, Andrea Pietra and Daniel Grimback they said present.

Other celebrities who did not want to miss the celebration were Lali Espósito, Wos, Sofía Gala, Vera Spinetta, Peter Lanzani, María Carámbula, Andy Kusnetzoff and Florencia Súarez, Migue Granado and more.

The dance of Lali Espósito and Ricardo Darín on Fito Paéz’s birthday

Within what was the celebration for Fito’s 60th birthday, there was a moment shared through Instagram that quickly went viral on the networks. It is a video of Lali Esposito dancing with Ricardo Darin to the rhythm of the song Da Ya Think I’m Sexy by Rod Stewart.

It was the actress and singer who shared the video through her stories. “Giving it all” she wrote next to the username of the protagonist of Argentina, 1985.

Lali and Darín meet fito

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