Big Brother: Marcelo Corazza, former participant and producer of the program, was arrested

Big Brother: Marcelo Corazza, former participant and producer of the program, was arrested

Marcelo Corazzathe winner of the first edition of the reality show Big Brother held in 2001 and current producer of the same program that is broadcast on the Telefé channel, was arrested accused of corruption of minors after six raids carried out in the missionary city of Oberá and in the Buenos Aires towns of General Pacheco, Tigre and General Rodríguez, informed police and judicial sources today.

Along with Corazza, three other people were also arrested, in the framework of a case for “corruption of minors” investigated by the National Criminal and Correctional Court 48, in charge of Javier Sánchez Sarmiento, and that originated after the complaint of two people of reserved identity who reported having been victims when they were between 11 and 14 years old.

The other three defendants were identified by Justice as Andrés Fernando Charpenet, Raúl Ignacio Mermet and Francisco Rolando Angelotti Notarbartolo.

The arrests were made by personnel from the Human Trafficking Division of the City Police, after five raids carried out in the aforementioned towns in the north of the Buenos Aires suburbs, while the remaining operation was carried out in the province of Misiones.

As revealed by the journalist and panelist of Big Brother, Laura Ubfal, “he is delayed”. “There is still no relationship between this and his role as producer at @GranHermanAr. Anyway, the channel’s lawyers are behind the issue, finding out the reasons for the matter,” added.


As a result of the procedures, items of interest to the case were seized and the four detainees are at the disposal of Judge Sánchez Sarmiento, who will investigate them in the next few hours.

Judicial sources indicated to Télam that all of them are accused “of having formed an organization aimed at recruiting minors and adults in vulnerable situations, in order to subject them to the practice of sexual relations and sexual exploitation without their consent, since whether for the exchange of money or for personal or third-party satisfaction”.

At the same time, The spokespersons specified that this occurred “with at least 11 victims” in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires and the provinces of Buenos Aires and Misiones.

The investigators assured that three of the detainees are already housed in Buenos Aires Alcaidías, all separated, while awaiting the arrival of the fourth prisoner, who was captured in Misiones and was transferred this afternoon by plane.

The now arrested Marcelo Corazza was the winner of the first edition of Big Brother, which took place in 2001 and was hosted by the actress Soledad Silveyra.

Currently, Corazza was involved as a producer during the 2022 edition, which continues to be broadcast on the Telefé channel and will conclude next Monday.

In turn, the winner of GH 2001 participated as a panelist every Friday night on the program “Big Brother: The Night of the Ex”, where he debated with other ex-participants about the events that took place during the current season of the reality show.

The statements of Telefe and Tigre Rugby Club

From the Telefe company, of the Viacom group, where Corazza worked as a producer in the Big Brother 2022 program, they released a statement in which they state that “as is public knowledge, Marcelo Corazza, a former GH participant in the first edition and Telefe employee has been arrested as a result of a judicial investigation into corruption of minors”.

In addition, they announced that Corazza was “suspended preventively, as regulated by law” and that they will collaborate with the Justice “as long as it is required.” “We hope and advocate for the clarification of the facts,” they reported.


For his part, he Tiger Rugby Club He also released a statement after learning about the arrest of Corazza, who was performing tasks as a coach in the youth divisions.

There they point out that “based on the information that came out through different media regarding the situation of Mr. Marcelo Corazza, we want to convey our complete shock at the events denounced in the last few hours.”

Besides, They repudiated the facts and described them as “aberrational”at the same time that they made themselves “available to justice if required.”

WhatsApp Image 2023-03-20 at 23.14.11.jpeg

Regarding Corazza’s employment situation, they explained that he served as Club rugby coach “in senior and youth categories until 2022 and accompanied players from our Club in a friendly match last weekend”.

Although they clarified that to date they have not received “any type of complaint or claim from players, families and/or relatives of our Club”, they stated that until the facts of public knowledge are clarified “Mr. Marcelo Corazza is separated from our Institution.”

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