Big Brother: what Del Moro said about the arrest of Marcelo Corazza

Big Brother: what Del Moro said about the arrest of Marcelo Corazza

Santiago del Morothe driver of Big Brotherspoke this Monday about the arrest of Marcelo Corazzawinner of the 2001 reality show and current producer of the program in the framework of a cause of corruption of minors.

For his part, Corazza was arrested yesterday morningafter six raids carried out in the missionary city of Oberá and in the Buenos Aires towns of General Pacheco, Tigre and General Rodríguez. Faced with this situation, del Moro referred to the matter and assured on the air that “the accusation made against him is appalling.”

“What I ask for is absolute justice. In case of being guilty, the worst of punishments. I don’t have any kind of pious look regarding that crime”, said. And he added: “I have the same doubts as you, the same questions. We are all in shock.”

“Not with the boys. Not yesterday, not today, not ever”hill.

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Telefe statement on the case of Corazza

“As is public knowledge, Marcelo Corazza, former participant of Big Brother -Primera Edición- and employee of Telefe, has been arrested as a result of a judicial investigation into corruption of minors”, begins the text of the company that was read last night during the transmission from the newscast

“Telefe -he continued- will collaborate with justice immediately as long as it is required. Telefe has preventively suspended Marcelo Corazza, as regulated by law, until justice clarifies this situation.”

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Together with him Three other people were also arrested.including the head of the organization, by order of Judge Javier Sánchez Sarmiento, in charge of the National Criminal and Correctional Court 48, who began to investigate the gang as a result of the denunciation of two people of reserved identity (currently of legal age) who They said they were victims when they were between 11 and 14 years old.

Currently, Corazza was involved as a producer of the current edition of the reality show that will end next Monday and participated as a panelist on Friday nights on the “Big Brother: The Night of the Exes” program, where he debated with other former participants about the events that they happened in the house.

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