Masterchef Argentina returned: Wanda Nara as host and peaks of 25 rating points

Masterchef Argentina returned: Wanda Nara as host and peaks of 25 rating points

With Damián Betular, Germán Martitegui and Donato de Santis as jurors last night was the return of the cooking reality show.


In what was an intense Monday on the Telefe screen, the debut of a new season of Masterchef Argentina. This time with the driving of Wanda Nara and the return of the already classic jury made up of Damian Betular, German Martitegui and Donato de Santis.

In this first chapter that had peaks of 25 rating points, the jury carefully selected the participants who will be part of the competition, and Wanda was in charge of encouraging the cooks behind the scenes, and receiving them after the good or bad news according to the jury’s decision.

“There will be two days in which the jury will choose 24 chefs who will go on to the next phase and continue competing with the great goal of becoming one of the 16 participants this season”indicated Wanda at the beginning of the first program of MasterChef Argentina.

Between fragments of the castings, Wanda continued explaining the game: “Each one brought the ingredients to make their best dish. They will have only 50 minutes to do so. Then they will have to walk the long corridor that will leave them face to face with the jury. And they will have 5 more minutes to finish their recipe and plate. The objective will be to get the apron that will take them to the next stage. And for that they must obtain the approval of two of the three jurors. Every journey, however long it may be, begins with a first step. We are going to take that first step together. Welcome to Masterchef!”, closed the presentation of Nara.

For this installment, the studio that hosts the contest was completely renovated and the game will include new challenges and surprises that the participants will have to face in order to win the great reward of $10 million.

Mauro Icardi’s message to Wanda Nara for her debut in Masterchef Argentina

Despite the twists and turns already known between Wanda Nara and Mauro IcardiIn recent days, both have been dedicating posts to each other through the networks. This time, taking advantage of Wanda’s debut in the conduction of Mastercherchef, the Galatasaray striker dedicated a message to the mother of his daughters.

“Many successes tonight my love”the footballer dedicated to him from his Instagram account, with a photo from the Telefe studios.


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