How to see the premiere of “Ringo. Glory and Death” and the “Maravilla” Martínez fight at Luna Park

How to see the premiere of “Ringo. Glory and Death” and the “Maravilla” Martínez fight at Luna Park

Tuesday, March 21 at 8:00 p.m. will be the world premiere of “Ringo. glory and deaththe new thriller from Star Original Productions based on real events and inspired by the life of the Argentine boxing champion Oscar “Ringo” Bonavena which will arrive exclusively on Star+ in Latin America and on Disney streaming services globally with all its episodes on March 24.

From the mythical Luna Park stadium in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the special broadcast that will reach all of Latin America and can be seen through Star+ and ESPN, will feature the presence of the former world champion Sergio ‘Maravilla’ Martinezwho after 10 years gets back into the ring in Argentina and makes his debut in that stadium, to star in an emotionally charged night of boxing.

The quilmeño based in Madrid will fight against the Colombian John Tehran in a 10-round bout framed in the medium division. Before the central fight there will be three other confrontations: Laureano “Dinamita Ubiedo” Sciuto – Andrés “La Maquinita” Sosa, featherweight category; Brian Arregui – Matías Galucci, super welterweight category and Sebastián Castillo – Damián Arce, bantamweight category.

What will the evening be like at Luna Park?

Starting at 8:00 p.m., the ESPN audience and Star+ subscribers will be able to live a memorable night together with great stars of Latin entertainment and sports. With unique access to the previous moments of the avant premiere, the broadcast will begin with live coverage of the dazzling red carpet of the event, where the protagonists of the series will spend together with boxing figures and great guests from the world of entertainment and the sport, followed by the screening of the first episode of the series.

As soon as the projection is over, the ring will take center stage with the start of an incredible boxing evening in which different boxers will collide, and which will feature the former world champion from Argentina “Maravilla” Martínez against the Colombian Teheran. These fights will be narrated from ringside by the ESPN KNOCKOUT team made up of Renato Bermúdez, Salvador ‘Chava’ Rodríguez, Carlos Irusta and international judge Fernando Barbosa.

Ringo Trailer. glory and death

Composed of seven 40-minute episodes, “Ringo. glory and death plunges deep into the worlds of boxing and show business to chronicle the rise, glory of success, and decline of Bonavena in two parallel timelines, while revealing the plot behind his murder. On the one hand, the story focuses on the last three months of the boxer’s life to portray the decline of a celebrity who wants to reinvent himself. On the other, the story covers the milestones in Ringo’s life in a chronological way, from his humble origins and his arrival in amateur boxing, to his rapid rise, his debut at Madison Square Garden in New York, and his consecration as champion. Argentinian.

Ringo_ Glory and Death _ Official Trailer _ Star+.mp4


Starring Jerome Giocondo Bosia (Oscar “Ringo” Bonavena) Delphine Chaves (Dora Raffa de Bonavena) Lucila Gandolfo (Sally Comfort), thomas grübe (Joe Comfort), connie island (Tracy), Pablo Rago (Bautista Rago), maria onetto (Doña Dominga), Ariel Nunez (Ross Brymer) Martin Slipak (Vincent Bonavena) Renato Quattordio (Pedro, Ringo’s friend) and Andres Ciavaglia (Enrique Suárez), with an epic and dramatic tone, touches of humor and irony, the series traces two parallel time lines.

The cast of the series is completed with Javier Drolas (Titus Lectoure), Augustine Corsi (Rolo Vergara), lautaro bettoni (John Rago) and German De Silva (Don Vicente Bonavena).

“Ringo. glory and death It is directed by Nicolas Perez Veigawho also works as a writer with Alejandro Ocón, Gabriela Larralde, Diego Palacio and Santiago Dulce.

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