Did Kun Aguero return with Gianinna?

Did Kun Aguero return with Gianinna?

Despite the vehement denial of the former footballer of the national team Sergio “Kun” Aguerothe truth is that rumors grow that he would have had a fiery reunion with Gianinna Maradonathe mother of his son Benjamin.

What’s more, according to these versions, the love revival would have occurred in a Uruguayan hotel Where you stay Omenand that they would have remained two days without leaving the room.

Gianinnadaughter of Diego Maradonaseparated from Omen in 2012, when the former player worked in the Manchester City of the Premier League.

“TO Omen they hired him as the image of the Casino (of the hotel) and invited her (to accompany him). They even used a service elevator that no one uses. She spent two days in the same room as him. And she did not go to take her son, ”said said rumors.

It is not a minor fact that, although the daughter of Diego Maradona separated from also former player daniel osvaldonothing was known of a supposed crisis of “Kun” with his girlfriend, Sofia Calzetti.

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The anger of “Kun” at the rumors

However, the former soccer player categorically denied this version: “She came a few weeks ago to bring me my son and nothing else. This hurts my partner already Benjamin, and these things turn me on. On top of that I am playing a poker tournament, ”she lamented.

Furthermore, the youngest daughter of Claudia Villafane uploaded to their stories instagram a photo of his son from behind, in soccer gear, and wrote: “Be strong. Everything passes and settles. Here I am always. Telling you to get used to it is accepting that I brought you into a world of shit, but you go on and be happy, I’ll take care of the rest.

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