Causa Teichtmeister: Ex-castle actor able to negotiate again

Causa Teichtmeister: Ex-castle actor able to negotiate again
Florian Teichtmeister: once sick, once healthy…

This was announced by the spokeswoman for the Vienna regional court, Christina Salzborn, on Tuesday afternoon when asked by APA. However, there is no trial date yet.

According to Salzborn, the judge responsible had recently requested documents from Teichtmeister’s legal representatives on the question of negotiability. “It was communicated that there was negotiability,” Salzborn stated. At the same time, however, the judge who will conduct the hearing “came to the conclusion that further investigations are necessary” while preparing for it. As a result, the judge “commissioned this ex officio,” said Salzborn. More information about what these investigations refer to “are not possible in the interim proceedings,” explained the court spokeswoman. In any case, the main hearing cannot be advertised before the results of these surveys are available.

It was also announced on Tuesday that the Burgtheater was not given access to the files in the criminal proceedings against Teichtmeister. A corresponding application was rejected last week by the regional court for criminal matters. From the point of view of the court, there is no sufficiently justified legal interest of the Burgtheater that would go beyond “mere economic interests”.

Teichtmeister’s former employer, who had been a member of the ensemble at the Burg since December 1, 2019 and was dismissed without notice on January 13, 2023 after the criminal charges against him became known, had requested access to the files in order to have the position of the Burgtheater GmbH in future labor court or civil law Strengthen procedures, according to the tripartite court order dated March 17, seen by the APA. According to this, the Burgtheater claimed that Teichtmeister’s dismissal without notice had caused “considerable financial damage”. The management is “obligated to protect the legal interests of the Burgtheater GmbH and to clarify to what extent you are entitled to claims against the accused”. The court file would reveal “the time, extent and nature of the defendant’s knowledge of the accusation and his responsibility in the criminal proceedings”, which is why access to the file was requested on behalf of the Burgtheater GmbH in order to be able to clarify the position on the case for damages against Teichtmeister Strengthen enforcement of legal claims.

Last Friday, the regional court did not follow the Burgtheater’s request because the alleged legal interest in the inspection of the files – at least at the moment – was “not specific”. No civil proceedings are pending between Burgtheater GmbH and Teichtmeister. “The mere idea of ​​a civil trial possibly taking place in the future does not sufficiently take into account the requirement of concreteness,” the court order says. Incidentally, the regional court refers to the “massive media reporting” in the Teichtmeister case, “which means that essential information from the criminal file is also circulating publicly. The point in time, extent and nature of the accused’s knowledge of the charge that is the subject of the indictment and his fundamental admission of responsibility in the criminal proceedings are already numerous media reports”. Finally, it is stated that the assertion that the evidence and thus the legal position of the Burgtheater would improve with knowledge of the entire content of the files was “too unsubstantiated” and the given legal interest was therefore “not made sufficiently credible”.

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