Melody Haase: Ex-“DSDS” candidate deletes OnlyFans account

Melody Haase: Ex-“DSDS” candidate deletes OnlyFans account

Until recently, Melody Haase was on OnlyFans. But now the singer has deleted her account – and warns against the platform.

The former “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” candidate Melody Haase (29) was active on the OnlyFans content sharing platform – until now. The reality TV star recently deleted his account. Haase confirmed that. “I can no longer reconcile OnlyFans with my values ​​​​and no longer want to be part of them,” explains the 29-year-old in an interview.

Melody Haase warns against OnlyFans

She considers the platform “very dangerous”. “In my opinion, it’s the gateway drug to the erotic business,” Haase continues. “This step is made very easy there because the whole thing is advertised as a lifestyle.” You initially posted underwear pictures on the platform. “You get likes and approval, you get happy, you make money and you get high.” The body is increasingly becoming a product, Haase warns. “In the end, that has nothing to do with me as a person.”

She registered there because it had been suggested to her “that many stars do it, that there is nothing to it and that you earn a lot of money with it”. Before OnlyFans, she had little money and suffered from depression. “Now I’ve established myself as a reality star and I’m making money from it.” According to Haase, anyone who wants to create an account there should be aware of one thing: “Registering with OnlyFans is like selling your body from home.” There are many opportunities for you both professionally and privately. It is not easy for her to find a normal job again. “I also don’t think I can become an elementary school teacher, which I actually once wanted to do.”

Reality TV star Melody Haase

Melody Haase became known in 2014 through the eleventh season “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”, but she left the first live show. After that, she drew attention to herself with reality TV formats. In 2017 she took part in the RTL show “Adam sucht Eva – Celebrities in Paradise”. This was followed by appearances on “CoupleChallenge – The strongest team wins”, “Hot oder Schrott – Die Allestester” and “Ex on the Beach”.

OnlyFans is a platform that is used to provide various content, such as photos and videos, for a fee.

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