60th anniversary of “Please Please Me”, the debut album by The Beatles

60th anniversary of “Please Please Me”, the debut album by The Beatles

The album inaugurated the discography of the iconic English band. “I Saw Her Standing There”, “Do You Want to Know a Secret” and “Boys” are some of the hits on the album.

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He March 22, 1963Please, please me“, the first studio album by The Beatles, saw the light. The album launched the quartet to stardom by showing something unprecedented up to now with respect to other bands: its members wrote their own songs, played their instruments and, what’s more, they sang very well.

Until now, British radio stations began to broadcast more and more assiduously “Love Me Do” and “Please Please Me“, and the brand new album showed new future hits like “I Saw Her Standing There“, “There’s a Place“, “boys“, “Do You Want to Know a Secret” and “Twist & Shout“.


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How was the album created?

The album began to take shape in the recording session of November 26, 1962, when they sought to capitalize on the momentum of “Love Me Do“, the first single released about a month and a half earlier.

Producer George Martin was still not sure if the group had a quality song of their own, so he ordered them to record a composition of their own. mitch murray titled “How Do You Do It?“. After that, John Lennon showed him a personal tune titled “Please Please MeMartin asked her to work on it by picking up the pace, creating vocal harmonies and a harmonica phrasing.

The result was so good that the producer agreed to record it and, at the end of the session, exclaimed: “Gentlemen, I congratulate you. They just recorded their first number one“. The premonition came true, “Please Please Me” was number one and left the doors wide open for a first full-length. in a session of nine hours and 45 minutesThe Beatles’ first album took shape.

The album launched the four musicians from Liverpool. In Argentina, the album was released on February 7, 1964 under the translation “Please I” as a title. In those days, The Beatles conquered the United States on their first visit to New York. From then until their dissolution, they released 13 official discs study.

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