Jan Böhmermann takes sixth Grimme Prize

Jan Böhmermann takes sixth Grimme Prize

This was announced yesterday by the Grimme Institute in Cologne. The Grimme Prize is Germany’s most prestigious television award. Böhmermann receives the honor together with his team for “ZDF Magazin Royale”, which combines satire/comedy with investigative research. It is already the sixth Grimme Prize for Böhmermann. The award-winning sandman film deals with a recycling vehicle made from used and defective things, and something new is created at the push of a button.

The special honor as part of the Grimme Prize goes to cabaret artist/actress Maren Kroymann, who, according to the jury, stands for the “powerful diversity of female identities on German television”. ZDF does particularly well. In addition to Böhmermann, the series “Neuland”, the film “Die Wannseekonferenz” and the drama “Im Feuer” are among the awards. The trophies will be presented on April 21st.

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