Leopold Museum: Wrong against climate change

Leopold Museum: Wrong against climate change
Leopold Museum Director Hans-Peter Wipplinger with Schiele’s “Houses by the Sea” (LM)
Image: © Leopold Museum

Now the museum is clarifying: The world-famous landscape paintings were deliberately placed at an angle to draw attention to the dramatic effects of global warming as a result of climate change. Because a permanent temperature increase of just a few degrees can drastically impair our quality of life.

With the warning campaign motto “A Few Degrees More (Will Turn the World into an Uncomfortable Place)”, the institution of director Hans-Peter Wipplinger, in cooperation with the climate research network CCCA (Climate Change Center Austria), illustrates the sometimes catastrophic effects of just a few temperatures -Graden more on the environment.

Solidarity with climate protectors

According to current calculations by scientists, this change means that natural landscapes that were immortalized more than 100 years ago by artists such as Gustave Courbet, Tina Blau, Gustav Klimt, Koloman Moser or Egon Schiele could soon disappear in their familiar form. To this end, landscape paintings in the collection were tilted by the degree by which the temperature in the regions shown, such as the Attersee region, the foothills of the Alps or the Atlantic coast, could rise if countermeasures are not taken in good time. Wipplinger: “Museums see themselves as spaces for inspiration and reflection on our existence and have the potential to positively influence our future actions by raising awareness of social phenomena. That is why we declare our solidarity with the efforts of the climate movement.”

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