Streaming prepares for competition with new series

Streaming prepares for competition with new series

The overpopulation of platforms gave rise to a question that worries executives of these companies as well as producers and directors of series and films: has the market become saturated due to the multiplication of services with all kinds of content? Will the public continue to pay for multiple monthly subscriptions?

Although the streaming platforms warn that the responses are not always favourable, they insist on feeding this addiction to new programs and trust that audiences have gotten used to “marathoning” as part of their entertainment.

It is no less true that the excess supply has become exhausting and confusing, which is confirmed by user satisfaction surveys, for example Nielsen, whose 2022 study states that viewers feel overwhelmed with all the content available.

Between 2019 and last year, streaming services multiplied by eight, due to the pandemic, which was the great trigger for content suitable for viewing in home isolation. However, another study states that 90% of consumers would add more services to their subscription plans, which clearly speaks of nonconformity in the offer and contradiction.

The trend points to a fierce competition where the platforms must, on the one hand, become better content providers and at the same time adjust their business models, reducing production costs and lowering prices in search of new clients.

The fight to stay in first place, between Netflix and Amazon or between YouTube and Twitch ends up leading to the end of the accounts shared by Netflix or the elimination of series that are not as lucrative or successful as expected.

Thanks to the algorithms, the platforms carry out exhaustive analyzes of the behavior of their audiences and what does not work has an immediate end (then fans appear with complaints on networks) and space for waiting content. While in the cinema it is evaluated week by week and if a film does not work it loses ground, on the platforms what is not successful is deleted with a delete, faster than a TV program would get up on an air channel.


Among the premieres starting this week, “El reino 2” stands out today on Netfix, the political thriller made in Argentina that closes with a confrontation between good and evil. The plot revolves around the religious leader embodied by Diego Peretti who at the end of the first season, after the murder of his running mate, ends up running as a candidate for President of the Nation. With Mercedes Morán, Joaquín Furriel, Peter Lanzani and Chino Darín.

“Ringo, Glory and Death” premieres Friday on Star Plus. Inspired by the life of Argentine boxing champion Oscar Ringo Bonavena, this production developed by Primo Content is told in two time lines: the last three months of the boxer’s life to reveal the decline of a celebrity who wants to reinvent himself and the milestones of life of Ringo in a chronological way. With performances by Jerónimo Bosia as Ringo, Delfina Chaves, Pablo Rago, María Onetto and Martín Slipak, among others.

Also on Friday they release “Yellowjackets” on Paramount Plus, about a team of high school soccer players who survive a plane crash in the desert and struggle to survive.

On Sunday the 26th, the fourth season of “Succession” arrives on HBO Max, which continues the bid of the three brothers, Kendall (Jeremy Strong), Shiv (Sarah Snook) and Roman (Kieran Culkin) for the direction of the media company his father. In this one, Tom (Matthew Macfadyen) and Greg (Nicholas Braun) gain more weight, in an increasingly intricate internal workings of Waystar RoyCO’s succession and business plan.

To tell the truth, the advance of the last season seems to speak of the first, or of the other two that followed, which shows that there is not much more to tell but the seasons multiply given the success of awards and repercussions. “The sale of the media conglomerate to the technological visionary Lukas Matsson. The prospect of this seismic sale causes existential angst and family division among the Roys”, reads the preview. Any similarity with the previous ones must be due to the fact that the formula has been exhausted for a while.

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