Noel Gallagher opens the door to the Oasis meeting: “Liam has my number”

Noel Gallagher opens the door to the Oasis meeting: “Liam has my number”

The guitarist of the mythical band answered his brother in an interview but assured that Liam is not going to call him.

more than 12 years ago brothers Liam and Noel Gallagher had a fight separating the iconic Oasis rock music band. Since then, Liam always kept up the rumors and doubts for a possible return and now his brother finally opened the door for him.

“He has my number. He has my manager’s number. Let him call me”, Noel directed to Liam in an interview. The musician referred to the his brother’s tweets where he assured that the meeting was going to happen and reflected: “He should get his people to call my people. They know who they are and they know where we are. Stop talking on the internet and tell me what you have to say.”


Even so, Noel also assured that he does not believe that his brother will be encouraged to finalize the conversation. “But you know what? He’s not going to call me,” he stressed with confidence and When asked by the journalist because was not going to make the call, the guitarist returned: “That is exactly the question.”

Liam did not sit idly by and as we are used to, he turned to Twitter to respond to his brother. Before a fan who asked him why Noel doesn’t call him, the singer replied: “Exactly! What do you think? What are we in 2023?”


few days agothe star lit up the whole stage when another fan asked him if there were chances, even small ones, that Oasis would reunite. “It’s going to happen,” he said. Liam.

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