Santiago del Moro dined with the Big Brother participants in the run-up to the final

Santiago del Moro dined with the Big Brother participants in the run-up to the final

The driver shared the last night of Nacho, Julieta and Marcos in the house and revealed the contents of the secret suitcase.

Santiago del Moro He had announced in the media where he works last week that he would enter the house of Big Brother And last night he fulfilled when he had dinner with the finalists on his last reality night.

The driver, dressed in a white suit to match the participants, arrived at the house at 10:43 p.m. and surprised Nacho, Juliet and Marcos. Del Moro took the finalists to the SUM and showed them everything that happened outside the house in these five months.

The production entertained the finalists with sushi, while Del Moro showed them videos of all the celebrities who declared themselves fans of the cycle, of the wedding they simulated last Friday, and told Julieta and Marcos about the “shipping” that their fans do in social networks.

After openly highlighting the qualities that led the three young people to be the finalists chosen by the people, he later recalled that he was wearing a the key to the mysterious suitcase that Alfa entered the house on March 8.

On that occasion, the participants were so shocked by the return of the participant, that the suitcase was forgotten somewhere in the house, the driver asked Juliet to go get the suitcase.

Back at the SUM, the young woman handed the bag to the driver, who took out a bottle of sparkling wine, chocolates, and two bomb ads. First of all, for the third place winner, a cosmetics company gives them a paid trip to any place in the world of their choice.

Finally, Del Moro read a new slogan: “With the three finalists I have to officially make the statement that from this moment the casting of Big Brother 2023 opens”he said, and showed the address for the future “little brothers” to register.

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