Stefanie Heinzmann surprises fans with a spectacular hairstyle

Stefanie Heinzmann surprises fans with a spectacular hairstyle

Short hair was Stefanie Heinzmann’s trademark for almost two years. Now the singer has gotten a new hairstyle – and it is perhaps even more striking.

Stefanie Heinzmann is known for radical decisions when it comes to her hairstyle. The singer shaved off her hair two years ago and has sported the cropped look ever since. But that has changed – and the new hairstyle is no less eye-catching. The 34-year-old has opted for a bright green.

Heinzmann showed up with a mullet and her new hair color on her Instagram page. Also in the photo: The man responsible for the new hairstyle – her hairdresser Martin Dürrenmatt. “Life is too short to always wear the same thing,” Dürrenmatt commented on the singer’s change in style. It’s not the first time that Heinzmann has used the bright color palette: she wore neon yellow or purple on her head before.

Stefanie Heinzmann wore her short hair out of conviction

The new hairstyle also got a big appearance: Heinzmann was seen on Saturday in the talent show “Stadt Land Talent” on Swiss television. And those viewers who hadn’t heard of her new look via Instagram were understandably surprised and amazed. There were, of course, a few hateful comments, including Heinzmann being referred to as the “Grinch”. Other fans, on the other hand, celebrated their courage to go green. Her style has even been compared to David Bowie by some.

Heinzmann actually wore her short hair for a specific reason: “Even when I was 17 I really wanted to be bald. We women in particular define ourselves very strongly through our hair. Women with long hair are female, women with short hair are not I’ll get fed up at some point,” she explained her decision in the “image”. With short hair, she feels “insanely feminine,” she said at the time. Now it seemed like it was time for a change.

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