Big Brother: what was the rating of the expected final

Big Brother: what was the rating of the expected final

The Telefe reality show once again consolidates itself as an unusual television phenomenon.

Amid complaints of corruption of minors to a current producer of the program, the final broadcast of Big Brotherwhich last night consecrated the winner to Marcos Ginocchio after spending 162 days locked up in the house, reached peaks of 30 rating points and ratified the return of the reality show as a television phenomenon that brought viewers back together in front of the screen.

Ginocchio, alias “El primo”, was the winner with 70.83 percent of the more than 8 million votes from the public and won the prize of 15 million pesos (which through an app during these months generated a yield of almost 5 million more), a prefab house and a year of free beer.

Second place went to Nacho Castañares with 29.17 percent, who took home and a year of beer, and third place went to Juliet Poggio with 19.66 who got a year of beer and a trip to a chosen destination.

When the reality began on October 17 with the conduction of Santiago del Moro With 23 rating points, the question hovered over whether the format that had successfully debuted in Argentina in 2001 was going to have an impact 20 years later, with the television screen in decline and the traumatic experience of confinement due to the pandemic.

The success of this edition proved Telefe right: the Dutch “reality” replicated in more than 70 countries returned to the Argentine screen for a new edition and became the most watched program with an average of 19.6 points.

Not only that, Big Brother was also a phenomenon within (and driven by) social media. Just to cite yesterday’s example, the final was a trend and the broadcast on YouTube and Twitch reached more than 372,000 users simultaneously.

The final weeks of the shipment passed amid the detention of Marcelo Corazzawinner of the first edition of the reality show and current producer of the program as a suspect of being part of an organization dedicated to the sexual exploitation and corruption of minors,

Although there is still no exact date for the start of a next edition, Santiago del Moro announced that there will be a new Big Brother 2023 and that the inscriptions for the casting are already open.

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