De Brito released messages from Jey Mammón after the complaint of sexual abuse of a minor

De Brito released messages from Jey Mammón after the complaint of sexual abuse of a minor

The LAM driver read the WhatsApp messages that the comedian responded to when he consulted him on the subject.

After the allegation of Lucas Benvenuto against Juan Martin Ragopopularly known as jey mammonfor sexual abuse when he was a minor, brito angel He said that he had communicated with the driver, who sent him several texts via WhatsApp after the issue exploded.

“When on Thursday I heard Jorge Rial tell on the radio with his first and last name that the complaint that this boy had made anonymously on television referred to Jey Mammón, and he said he had part of the complaint, I wrote to Jey. As I was not on the program these days because of Lizy’s wedding and the move I made on Friday, I wrote to him on Thursday,” the journalist said.

“I asked him how the issue went and I am going to read what he answered me verbatim. Beyond the fact that he asked me not to say that I spoke with him. I do not care about his request. I am going to read the texts that he sent me,” he added, angry with the situation and the humorist’s attitude.

‘He lies in age’, was one of the things he told me. All the messages were with my cross-questions that I had no answers. Despite the fact that I know him from his birthday, from having shared years of channels, programs, talks, a dance that we share. She came to LAM thousands of times and even featured a boyfriend on the show. We have spoken thousands of times about private issues,” Ángel was honest.

“He never ever told me about a 14-year-old boyfriend, because obviously he would not have followed that talk. He never ever told me about an extortion complaint, which has not yet appeared and he, very poorly advised, puts it in a statement,” he continued, doubting the strategy of Jey and his lawyer, to go against the plaintiff.

After Brito, he read Mammón’s texts again, clarifying that when he sent them, Telefe’s statement had not yet been made public, nor had he been fired. Morfi’s Rock: “The complaint appeared while I was doing Los Mammones in America. I am very bad and I am not seeing anything of everything he says”.

After reading the responses of jey mammon, the LAM driver sat down. “At the wedding the subject was Jey and Burlando told me the same thing with the subject of age, that it seemed that he was not 14 but another. But they had not yet spoken. He was his lawyer and signed when the prescription of the cause was And a week later he presented him in Los Mammones as the best lawyer in the world.”

“All that time that he knew about the cause, he kept it to himself. He never ever spoke to any of the mutual friends we have. He never said that there was a madman blackmailing him, or suing him for something that didn’t happen. It is common for someone to appear to create a legal problem for you by inventing a story. But if that happens, you tell it, you report it, you go to the programs to tell it. but he never said anything,” the journalist analyzed.

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