Rolex 2023: New models and watches that you can no longer buy

Rolex 2023: New models and watches that you can no longer buy

Finally: Rolex dares to use a new material for “normal” watches. While titanium was previously reserved for the almost unwearable giant watch “Deepsea Challenge”, this year Rolex is launching a “Yacht-Master” with a diameter of 42 millimeters made of the light metal. But that’s not all: Rolex is known for presenting a whole range of new watches at the “Watches & Wonders” trade fair (it used to be Baselworld) – and then largely withdrawing for the rest of the year.

Rolex presents new “Daytona” and “1908”

For many, this year’s highlight is likely to be the complete overhaul of the “Daytona”. For the 60th anniversary of the watch, it gets a new dial, a fresh case and a new movement. The biggest surprise, however, is reserved for the most expensive platinum model: Completely unexpected, Rolex opted for a case back with a glass insert that allows a view of the movement. This is absolutely unusual for the Swiss brand and therefore an exciting development.

However, the news does not come without bad news: The “Daytona” has been one of Rolex’s most sought-after models for years and it is not to be expected that new customers will be able to enjoy being able to buy a copy. And even if: If you can order the platinum model with a transparent bottom, you need deep pockets. Rolex writes “Price on request” on its website; in last year’s price list, these references started at 70,000 euros.

Rolex presents a completely new watch with the classic “1908”. This is an elegant precious metal dress watch inspired by the 1931 “Oyster Perpetual”. 1908 marks the year that founder Hans Wilsdorf registered the Rolex name as an official trademark with the London Patent and Trademark Office under number 24,001.

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In addition to new and completely revised watches, there are also new versions and designs for some models. For example, Rolex has given the “GMT-Master II” a case made of yellow gold, there are countless new dials for the “Oyster Perpetual” and the “Day-Date” also has a fresh look. The same applies to the “Sky-Dweller”. The “Explorer” is also available for the first time in 40 millimeters, for many customers the simple model was previously too small.

Many popular watches are no longer available

Every year, the date for the new presentations also means the end of production for a handful of watches – and this time as well. However, Rolex does not announce this, but leaves it to resourceful interested parties to locate the information pages that have been taken offline.

2023 marks the end of the “Milgauss” series, the models of which have completely disappeared from the catalogue. The same applies to the classic “Cellini” series, which will be replaced by the “1908”. Even popular variants of the “Daytona” will no longer exist. Rolex, for example, removed all meteorite dial watches from the catalogue, removing one blue and one green dial – both popular color combinations. If you still want a watch with a real meteorite dial, you have to go for the “GMT-Master II” – and .

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