Made in Argentina: Netflix released details of new national productions

Made in Argentina: Netflix released details of new national productions

New movies, series, part of Pablo Trapero’s catalog and the long-awaited second part of División Palermo.

The present day Netflix He made a presentation where he advanced several national projects that are coming under the seal “Made in Argentina”.

After the recent premiere of the final season of the successful series directed by Marcelo Pineyro, The kingdomand the celebrated first season of Palermo Divisioncreated by Santiago Korovsky, already renewed for a second season (both produced by K&S Films); on April 26, it will arrive The love after Lovethe long-awaited series based on the life of Fito Paez. After these three series, the commitment to the production of Argentine series continues with projects such as: Caught upbased on the novel by Harlan Cobenthat Miguel Cohan and Ana Cohan will adapt with production by Haddock Films; as well as a limited series based on Yours and The time of the fliesthe novels of Claudia Pineiro. These among other developments that include The Eternaut.

As for films, production began last week with Kenya Films from Rest in peacebased on the book of Martin Baintrubdirected by S.ebastian borenszteinalso responsible for the script with Marcos Osorio Vidaland starring Joaquín Furriel, Griselda Siciliani and Gabriel Goity. From the hand of Patagonik comes the production of the feature film fantastic sistersa comedy directed by Fabiana Tiscornia and written by Mariano Vera. At the beginning of March, the filming of Helena knowswith the address of anahí bernerithe production of Vanessa Ragone and starring Mercedes Moran and Erica Rivas. There is a project with Diego Lermannafter Alternateof which there will be more news soon

They will be added to the catalog of Netflixafter their respective theatrical releases, as: Ruleof Santiago Giralt with mercedes moranand unleasheddirected by Lombardy Bluewith Carla Peterson and Julieta Diaz. In addition, a large part of the films directed by Pablo Traperowho has remastered them, among them is El Bonaerense, Elefante Blanco, Carancho, Leonera, Born and Raised, Familia Rodante and Mundo Grúa.

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