30 years StifterHaus: A festival of literature

30 years StifterHaus: A festival of literature
Thomas Stelzer, Literaturhaus Director Regina Pintar, StifterHaus Director Petra-Maria Dallinger, State Cultural Director Margot Nazzal, Austrofred (from left)
Image: State of Upper Austria/Mayr

In 1993 the StifterHaus on the Donaulände was reopened.
Image: Haas

“Literature gives form to lived experience, it designs or changes it as such. It is able to preserve experiences, but also to anticipate them. One tells stories in order to make connections visible,” said Petra Maria Dallinger in her speech. The StifterHaus director thus opened the sympathetic celebrations on Thursday to mark the 30th anniversary of the reopening of Adalbert Stifter’s home and death house as the state’s literature institute. And Dallinger didn’t forget it, governor Thomas Stelzer (ÖVP) to remind them that things are slowly getting tight in this case.

The house on the Donaulände almost fell victim to Linz’s transport planning in 1972. The courageous purchase by the state of Upper Austria not only saved the building, but also Stifter’s legacy. “I started elementary school at the time, so the StifterHaus has been with me throughout my educational life,” said Stelzer, who described the StifterHaus as a “gift” without being able to give any perspective for possible building or depot expansions. The StifterHaus has hosted 2060 events with 5330 participants in 30 years. Among others, some of Upper Austria’s dazzling writers celebrated Anna Mitgutsch, Evelyn Grill, Reinhard Kaiser Mühlecker and Rene Freund with.

In 1993 the StifterHaus on the Donaulände was reopened.
Image: Haas

The “champion” and rock jack-of-all-trades, who came from Upper Austria but has since moved to Munich, performed as a literary show act Austrofred: on the one hand with a crisp, delicious reading from his book “Die fitten Jahre sind weg”, on the other hand with texts from the “Lebenssee” books by Walter Pilar (1948–2018), written at breakneck speed in dialect. Yes, literature can be a celebration. Especially in the StifterHaus.

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